Daimler Fleet Management


“As part of Daimler Fleet Management’s ongoing commitment to working with the UK Public Sector marketplace, we are delighted to be a supplier at this year's Supply Management Forum - Public Sector Focus, and are looking forward to specifically meeting suppliers wishing to develop greener, more sustainable vehicle fleets.”
Simon Barr - Public Sector Sales Manager, Daimler Fleet Management

Daimler Fleet Management are committed to providing finance and fleet management solutions to organisations running small, medium and large fleets of multi-marque cars and vans, simultaneously reducing whole-life-costs and improving efficiencies. DFM are experienced providers of fleet management solutions to both the private and public sector, helping to steer companies in the right direction. Through our parent company Daimler, DFM have a heritage that spans back to the invention of the world’s first automobile in 1886. DFM are in pole-position when it comes to accessing enhancements in the fields of mobility; whether that be from the newest vehicle technology or the latest in automotive analytics. What’s more, through the acquisition in 2016 of the European mobility powerhouse Athlon, DFM now have access to a wealth of tried and tested mobility products proving a success across Europe. DFM continue to thrive in the areas of rental, leasing, and fleet management whilst keeping a keen eye on future opportunities.