Our mission is to help businesses use energy more effectively. To understand it, optimise it, and make it work hard for you. We offer renewable electricity as a simple first step – better for business, better for the planet. We then help you optimise your use, and even put power to work for you, creating new revenue streams and driving value, while you focus on driving your business forward.

We use collaboration, industry insight and vision to drive value and create a new, sustainable energy future for your business.

Being part of the Drax Group means you can have confidence in our commitment to sustainability. The majority of our power is Drax’s biomass electricity – generated with responsibly-sourced, compressed wood pellets, it produces 86% less carbon than coal generated energy.

Driven by the same ambition – to use renewable energy to shape a better future – we seek ways to reimagine energy, together. The Drax Research and Innovation team and Haven Power product development team continually collaborate to find new ways to optimise energy use, and create a brighter, more sustainable future.

For more information about us and our services, visit our website at havenpower.com