Doreen Menya

Business Manager, Procurement, University of Reading
Doreen has worked in Procurement as part of a category management structure for 10 years and has experience in both the Public and Private sectors. Her responsibilities include-technology and processes, training, compliance, sourcing strategy, savings/ benefits realisation, considerations (e.g. Brexit, sustainable Procurement) and risk management.

She has been at the University of Reading for nearly 4 years and sits on various committees-including the Procurement Board and the Environmental Management Review Group.

During this time, the University’s Procurement Function has achieved a superior rating in the independent Procurement Maturity Assessment for the Higher Education sector, joining only a handful of institutions in this category.

The sector has undergone significant change in the last few years and the market is now highly competitive with a greater commercial focus.

Doreen is also currently doing a course on diversifying leadership.